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Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
help from fbi today. more than a dozen agents looked through the house for evidence.Ñev >> ther5 is what we hope forçó anything possible to finding anything possible to finding the persona mom. >> family and friends organized a memorial for 8:30 this evening and her car, a 2011 subaru was taken fromçó her driveway. it's still missing. >> there is occupy oakland demonstrators today and contractors are busying cleaning up. nick smith is live where many folks are tired of it all. nick? >> this is where the mayor wanted tonight to be about the a's and their success but this week marks a one-year anniversary of the movement and this bench where i'mxd standing now was ground zero for the camp ground. you know since yesterday once again, they took the streets and costing thousands of damage to the city. >> just makes me feel terrible about what's happening in oakland. >> matthew, like many in oakland believe the city has seen enough violence and protests. >> there is÷úzeez a lot of great things happening. >> this took a back seat. he woke up to learn city hall had been the target of
Oct 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
michaela. the fbi will be handling all future digs related to this case. >> a serious fire in san francisco left behind a real mess tonight. it broke out before dawn this morning in a restaurant on west portal avenue and spread fast. abc 7 news is there live tonight with the story. wayne? >> dan there are no deaths and no serious injuries but this is a major disruption in a hub. a special san francisco neighborhood. behind me, what remains is a restaurant of two businesses behind it. the muni station is running again. but this morning the whole place was a blaze. good news for commuters in san francisco west portal district is that trains are running again. bad is visible outside of the window. a mess of soot, smoke, and water. at least three small businesses in the area. >> i'm hoping they reopen. >> the fire began before dawn in what used to be a squat and gobble restaurant. the flames did not squat. they gobbled into walls spreading quickly to two other buildings. no easy task for firefighters. >> high sealings. wood frame. >> and building in an era with less stringent codes. t
Oct 10, 2012 6:00pm PDT
working with detectives and fbi and everyone else involved and internet community spreading news about the lost vehicle. >> and this is a the 24-year-old broke out of jail august 28th and later, they shot and wounded a sheriff deputy escaped armed with a shotgun, they turned up in seattle this morning and stopping for what they thought is a stolen plate. the suspect tried to escape ramming into cars and they were taken into custody. and this may be the suspects since they're found. and there is two detectives on their way intending not only to consult with law enforcement but to interview the couple that has been arrested in this case. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> and strong words tonight from san francisco district attorney following a board of supervisor decision to reinstate ross mirkarimi as chefr. he says there are grave concerns about at built to do his job while on probe yigs for a domestic violence incident z the da says he must take steps to avoid a conflict of interest. >> i am calling upon ross mirkarimi to recuse himself for duties relating to custody, super vice, -- supe
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3